Title Transfers

Property Title Transfers Made Easy

Property is a commodity that’s constantly passed around from owner to owner. Whether you are in the market to purchase a new home or you’re trying to sell a commercial building, you will be required to deal with a title transfer.

A lot can influence you to proceed with a title transfer. The reason could be a simple change of ownership, divorce, family reason or a change of circumstance. In detail, here are the various ways a title is transferred:

  • The end of a marriage where a property settlement shifts from one party to another
  • When a property is transferred to a company for tax or trust purposes
  • To minimise business risk one can transfer property to their spouse
  • A parent may want to gift property to their children legally
  • The owner of the property has passed away

Transferring the title and rights of a property involves a lot of arduous paperwork. With the help of our conveyancing services, we can take the stress out of transferring titles.

At Parkside Conveyancing Services our professional property law experts will assist you in completing the required legal documents for the transfer of property titles.

Aside from the initial documents regarding title transfers we can also help you assist with budgeting the stamp duty fee required when there is a change in the ownership of property.

With our complete title transfers, services will give you efficient legal advice, so you save time and money when finalising the transaction of your dream property.

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Let us help you with our exhaustive expertise in conveyancing and property law. Our conveyancers have over 25 years experience in property legislation in Melbourne. Throughout our years of work in the real estate industry, we have seen how the market has evolved and use this knowledge to provide you with real solutions.

At Parkside Conveyancing Services we do more than just fill out paperwork. Our conveyancers are passionate about giving succinct advice so you can make better decisions when you invest in property.

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